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Booboo’s #makeuptransformation.

Fluffy Whipped Soap is creamy, luxurious, and a treat for your skin. A little goes a long way. You only need a little bit and lather away. Can use as a shaving cream and will leave a soft moisturizing feel to your skin. 

(via hairyyhoechlin)

#bestboyfriendever So excited to watch this again! 😭 #harrypotter #pottedpotter

Just because I want to show off how mature and lady-like my nails look. 😂

In my happy place. Again. 😂😊 (at Manos Nail Lounge)

Really loving this mason jar from @BurtsBeesPH. Perfect for coffee, tea, and me! 😂 Too much jars and containers on my desk now. Haha!

Sooo excited to use this. 😍 Thank you, @BurtsBeesPH!!!

Happy 30th Birthday, @BurtsBeesPH! :) Lunch with the Burt’s Bees family. <3 (at Seda Hotel, Bonifacio Gobal City)

@Burt’sBeesPh spoils us silly. 💛 (at Seda Hotel, Bonifacio Gobal City)


Happy 8. :) © @ssshortzzz

Won three cases of Tropicana Coco Quench! Boo yeah!